Melanie Kebler

Bend City Councilor

Melanie Kebler

Bend City Councilor, Position 1

Melanie was elected to the Bend City Council in November 2020. Thank you voters!

I grew up in Bend when it was still a small town. After graduating from Bend High, I went to college in Michigan. I then came back to Oregon for law school at Lewis & Clark.

I began my career in public service as a state prosecutor and spent about five years focusing on crimes of domestic violence and sexual assault. I later became a victims’ rights attorney for a non-profit called the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center, where I worked for seven years providing free legal services to victims of crime. 

When the opportunity arose move to Bend I jumped at the chance. I was thrilled to get back to the beautiful town where I grew up.

I’m ready to lead our community and move us forward with bold, creative ideas to tackle the challenges and opportunities Bend will face in the coming years.