Melanie Kebler

for Bend City Council

Melanie Kebler

for Bend City Council Position 1

Melanie stands ready to get to work for all of Bend.

It’s time for bold, forward-thinking leadership on the Bend City Council, and I’m ready to step up and help lead Bend through the challenging times ahead. We’re no longer a small town. We’re a little city, getting bigger every year. And we’re facing an economic downturn that will test our ability to come together and work for the good of everyone. 

That means we can’t ignore problems or just set vague goals. We need leaders that will take initiative and take real action. I will identify practical solutions to the challenges we will face as a city and I have the courage and conviction to see them through. 

Let’s continue to make Bend a great place to live for all of us.

Listen to Melanie talk about her vision for Bend during local candidate forums!


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Meet Melanie

I grew up in Bend when it was still a small town. After graduating from Bend High, I went to college in Michigan. I then came back to Oregon for law school at Lewis & Clark – I couldn’t stay away from the Pacific Northwest for long.

I began my career in public service as a state prosecutor. I saw a lot of bad behavior from bad actors and I saw how crime victims faced barriers accessing justice in our criminal legal system. That led me to become a victims’ rights attorney for a non-profit called the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center in Portland.

When the opportunity arose to work here in Bend I jumped at the chance. My heart beats here in Central Oregon. I was thrilled to get back to raise my two-year-old daughter in the beautiful town where I grew up.

In my job I have worked with some of our most vulnerable community members —  victims of sexual violence and stalking, abused children, elders and the disabled — many of whom often feel pushed aside by the legal system. 

I have helped people who have suffered greatly and who don’t have the knowledge or resources to ensure their legal rights are honored. I have listened to their voices and I made sure those voices were heard through the din of our complicated legal system.  

As a prosecutor and a lawyer, I’ve learned to listen to all voices, not just those I agree with. I’ve learned the power of cooperation and collaboration. And I’ve learned how to build trust and how to keep that trust alive. 

I’m ready to listen to our community and act to move us forward with bold, creative ideas to tackle the challenges and opportunities Bend will face in the coming years.