Clockwise from top left: City tent at Bend Pride event, Bike to School Day with Commute Options, celebrating the success of Central Oregon Villages, presenting with colleagues at Bend Young Professionals Summit, Bend Menorah Lighting at the Old Mill, celebrating the opening of Stepping Stone Shelter with Rep. Levy, attending the community tree lighting event, celebrating the progress on creating the Bend Bikeway, speaking to the Oregon Historical Museum Society, talking to constituents at the State of the City event in Alpenglow park.

Reviewing City Council accomplishments in 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, I’m excited to look back on what this new Council has been able to accomplish, and I’m ready to keep diving in on the issues that matter most to our community. Whether it was housing, homelessness, transportation, public safety, or the environment, your City Council set bold plans of action for our City staff to carry out through June of 2025. The year started off with intense goal-setting and budgeting sessions, and below I highlight accomplishments in each of our goal priority areas. You will also find a link to our full goals document, as well as a great video our communications team put together where staff highlight accomplishments in their own words. I can’t say enough how lucky we are to have an incredible team working for us every day at the City of Bend.

I’ve learned a lot during my first year as your Mayor, and I’m more determined than ever to serve our community through the powers of collaboration, advocacy, policymaking, and governing that you empowered me with when you elected me. I look forward to all we can accomplish together in 2024.


Mayor Kebler

Affordable housing and sustainable development 

Accessible and Effective City Government 

Public Safety 

  • Referred a renewed fire levy to voters who passed it in both Bend and our surrounding rural fire district, which our Bend Fire and Rescue Department serves, in order to maintain our level of service and keep response times low. 

  • Provided a new police data dashboard to create more transparency and provide information to the public about public safety calls in every neighborhood. This dashboard is part of a wealth of information and data the City provides, which you can access here. 

  • Supported the Community Crisis Response Team starting work in the field this year. The Crisis Team can be dispatched directly from 911 calls, and in 752 encounters the team had in Bend this year, 75% were resolved without any police officer presence. 

  • Moved forward in the work to address hate speech and provide a hub of resources for community members or visitors who have experienced discrimination. 

  • Co-hosted a roundtable on ebike safety with Representative Emerson Levy, Councilor Megan Perkins, and community partners. We will continue working with our legislators next year on a bill being brought by Rep. Levy to make changes in the law. We also continue to work on improving infrastructure and supporting safety education campaigns in Bend. 

  • Implemented City of Bend’s camping code in mid 2023, and after eight months, reviewed how the code is working. Based on feedback, we gave staff direction to make some changes with regard to parked vehicles and will continue to evaluate the code on a regular basis going forward. 

Transportation and Infrastructure 

Environment and Climate 

  • Initiated the Rethink Waste Project to improve recycling at multifamily residential buildings and teach residents about food waste prevention and diversion. 

  • Planned for a new public works building that will be all electric powered, with no natural gas or other fossil fuel use needed, and solar panels on the roof. Notably, the City already has solar panels on our current buildings at the Water Filtration Facility, Downtown parking garage, and the Awbrey wells and reservoir near Hillside Park. 

  • Completed crucial upgrades to infrastructure during the Newport Improvements Project designed to reduce runoff and erosion, increase the quality of water reaching the river, and limit flooding. 

  • Approved fish passage concept at the Mirror Pond Dam during a joint meeting with Bend Park and Recreation District Board. Funding for this project will need to be secured in the future. 

  • Established the Home Energy Score Program that requires all homes publicly listed in Bend to include a Home Energy Score report. This will allow homebuyers to compare the efficiency of homes as they are considering their purchase, and have information about cost-effective upgrades once they purchase a home.

Coming up next in 2024 

Above are just some of the highlights of what we’ve accomplished this year at the Council level. Every day, City staff work to provide our core services to the community and help Bend work for everyone. Our public servants give highlights themselves in the video below – check it out!

We want everyone to feel welcome and safe and will put that outcome at the center of our decision making and actions. Our engagement efforts will amplify the voices of historically excluded populations and work to ensure all groups have a seat at the table. We will apply an equity lens and consider the community of today and future generations with our actions and policies. We will strive for a Bend where everyone has a voice in
decision making that leads to shared prosperity.”

– the Bend City Council, 2023-25 Council Goals Guiding Principles

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